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Internet engineer

Clojure Hacker & DMARC advocate - Mentor and Commercial Photographer

Internet engineer with a deep understanding of many technologies and platforms. Absolutely early adopter who knows how to differentiate between bleeding edge and leading edge. Expert in special properties of high volume, high throughput, high availability, large scale system and in systems prepared with special consideration. Large professional network and eagerly talking about architecture, strategy, design patterns and the functional world. Special interest for design pattern, modeling languages, function-oriented / object-oriented programming, architecture, system design, application layout and design. Through knowledge of several programming language constructs and paradigms in languages such as Smalltalk, Erlang, Java, Clojure, Scala and Ruby.

Working closely with end users and are great supporters of creative thinking and unconventional methods to identify requirements, is very aware of autonomy, productivity and well-being. Professional developer and SCRUM Master who consider good software as good craftsmanship mixed with excellent communication skills and a penetrating pragmatic approach to business. Specialties: Reactive Architectures, EAI/Software Application Design/Domain-specific language/ The Web /Responsive Web design/the F word